March 16, 2006

Three new rods from Temple Fork Outfitters  

Lefty reminisces about fishing in Florida with Homer Rhodes and Joe Brooks. “We used to use short little rods to cast flies up against the mangrove or bridge pilings, what great fun!”

Your buddy races downstream panting and grinning, “It’s going to be tight casting, but you should see ‘em stacked up in there!” This is the essence of “Steelhead Alley”.

Temple Fork’s announces a new “little” addition to the TiCrX series; a 7’6” 8 weight rod designed for fun and tight quarters.

The water is small and the trout are sophisticated and selective. More than just presentation is called for….”finesse” is the final ingredient. When we introduced Lefty’s Finesse Series last fall, one of the first and most often asked questions was, “Where’s the 8’9” 3 weight”? We listened, just in time for your favorite hatch; this light-heavy weight just might become your go to rod.

Your favorite marabou pattern hits the seam perfectly, a long deep drift is rewarded by the hair-raising run and spectacular aerial show that can only come from a steelhead; the reward for standing waist deep in ice water all day. The merits of “Skagit casting” are oft debated; the effectiveness of “ Skagit fishing” for steelhead is not. Temple Fork Outfitters new 13’3” 8 wt. Skagit rod designed to leave the debate at the water’s edge.

All TFO rods feature our lifetime unconditional warranty. Simply return the damaged rod with $25 for shipping and handling, and we will repair or replace your rod. Please ask your local dealer about TFO or visit our website www.templeforkflyrods.com for more information


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