Boaters Now Have The Ability to Custom - Design How and Where Tools & Tackle Are Stored

It’s no secret fisherman consider how there boat is set up and rigged to be one of the most important decisions they will ever have to make. As a result, they work diligently to insure their boat meets their expectations, so it fits their personal style of fishing.

“When it comes to deciding on a fishing tool & tackle organizers the market has little to offer boaters beyond the basic one-piece, one-size-fits-all product,” said Peter ReJune President Gotcha Fishing Stuff. “As a result of this need, Fisherman will now have a more viable option with the Snap-N-Trac system”.

Snap-N-Trac is a modular fishing tool & tackle organizer system that allows anglers the ability to decide how to organize their small, essential items on their boats. Made of reinforced white Polypropylene plastic, the system consists of interlocking Trac base sections and various modular tool and tackle holder pieces that attach to the Trac.

Because of its unique modular design, Snap-N-Trac systems can be configured in a myriad of ways, giving fisherman unprecedented control of their systems’ overall length, design and function. All an angler has to do is decide where the system is to be installed, measure the available area, decide on what tools & tackle it will hold and select or design the required Snap-N-Trac system.

Installation is a quick & simple process. First, install the Trac sections using the stainless screws provided; second, decide where the modular pieces are to be located; and third, simply snap each piece into its designated place. All Snap-N-Trac components have been engineered to fit together precisely providing a tight, clean, custom look that will provide its owners with many years of reliable service.

Peter, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Snap-N-Trac system I recently installed on one of my charter boats. It was very easy to install (See picture) and being able to configure the system to exactly fit my need is outstanding”, said Capt. Bryan Pahmeier owner, Get 1 Charters, Fl.

For More Information, visit Gotcha Fishing Stuff website at www.gotchafishingstuff.com.

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