East Cape Canoes - Gladesmen 18

If there ever was a boat that truly blends the form and function of a skiff and canoe, it’s the Gladesmen18. Its design lends itself to be propelled by paddle, oars, push pole, or an outboard, guaranteeing you’ll venture easily into “pole-n-troll areas” and “no motor zones.” Its features include a tapered shape for true on-target tracking while poling and built-in tumblehome to increase stability. One of its best features is the fiberglass vacuum-infused deck and hull that includes built-in foam core, which makes this an extremely lightweight skiff for quick trips into that secret bay or backwater creek. All of this plus 316-grade stainless steel hardware makes for a boat in which you’re sure to have many years of unforgettable trips. East Cape Canoes is based on the notion that a true getaway craft was needed in today’s market and now its time has come.

For more information, call East Cape Canoes at (321) 217-1086 or visit their website at www.eastcapecanoes.com


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