Beavertail Skiffs

The development of the Beavertail skiff is the culmination of a decade of boat building experience and functional application manufacturing. The company’s goal was to build a skiff that out-performs everything else in shallow water. They have accomplished this by using a straight-forward building philosophy that utilizes proven concepts along with fresh ideas which defy convention. The Variable plane hull design, with its cambered pontoons on the stern, drafts only 3.75 inches loaded. This minimal draft allows access to places that may not have been an option before. The hull dissipates waves very effectively when poling, rather than breaking them. This means that hull slap is no longer a concern when stalking that weary bonefish or sea trout. The Beavertail skiff is also outstanding under power. Handling is amazingly smooth and the ride is dry, even in choppy waters. The foundation of every Beavertail skiff is its advanced composite construction. All the composite guidelines focus on ultimate, real-world performance. The hull starts out with high performance Gel coat, followed by a quad-axial matting. The multi-directional fiber orientation creates a structurally superior composite that will withstand anything you throw at it. All the high stress areas are overlapped with several layers of quad-axial matting, creating superior stiffness and strength. For further reinforcement, the entire floor of the Beavertail skiff is fully cored with high density 1 inch Airlite core.

Binding these components, Beavertail utilizes the vacuum bagging process. This translates into an extremely strong skiff that weighs in at only 450 pounds. The caps are glassed and glued on, creating a very solid structure. All eyes, cleats and tower pads are encapsulated in the laminate with aluminum backing plates. Strict quality control is performed throughout each stage of the construction process.

The Beavertail skiff is an all-around winner with exceptional performance, quality and value. It will satisfy the most demanding shallow-water fisherman in the world. That, and it’s under $14,000 loaded including power. If you’d like more information on these skiffs, you can call Beavertail Mfg. at 1-800-413-0020 or visit www.beavertailskiffs.com .


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