North To Alaska – Do It Yourself Saltwater Adventure

Tim Stenros

Alaska fishing is the stuff of legends. Salmon that are as numerous as the proverbial fleas on a dog’s back grow to enormous proportions. When caught fresh in the salt these fish are dime bright, powerful beyond measure and absolutely delectable on the table. With five different species running throughout the season the action is sure to be fast and furious. Salmon are usually caught by trolling or mooching.

But salmon are just the tip of the iceberg. Many an angler heads north with a larger target in mind: Halibut. These monsters of the deep are often compared with barn doors due to their flat bodies and gargantuan proportions. But the comparison ends there. Hook into one of these giants and you’ll soon realize that you’ve got your work cut out for you. Coaxing these fish off the bottom some 200 ft down is a thrill that you will never forget. Many fish over the 300 lb mark are caught every year. Once again, as table fare, the firm white flesh of a halibut is unequaled. While jigging or fishing bait on the bottom you may get surprised by a bonus catch of Yelloweye, Lingcod or a variety of Rockfish.

Alaska fishing is notorious for being very expensive but it need not be that way. By carefully planning out a do-it-yourself trip it is possible to save thousands of dollars. Many of the prime fishing locations offer quality boat and equipment rental. Some of the best rental businesses equip their boats with state of the art electronics, downriggers and even crab pots and pullers. The opportunity to ship home some ocean fresh crab or shrimp is just another of the unexpected bonuses that enamors Alaska visitors.

You will find most of these proprietors to be a wealth of fishing advice when it comes to technique and location, many going as far as to provide charts with the local hotspots marked out. It is possible to do very well even if it is your first time fishing in Alaska. Some boating experience is required as you may be asked to prove your proficiency before the equipment is released into your care. For those who would like a little more “hands on” experience before you would feel comfortable going it on your own, chartered daytrips can usually be found close by. Take a day or two, fish under the experienced eye of a seasoned guide until you build the confidence necessary to tackle the local waters and fishes.

Whatever your preference, fishing Alaska is an adventure that you will treasure forever. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself headed back year after year. Alaska tends to have that effect on people.

About the author:

Tim Stenros is the author of The FishAlaskaNow! System: a comprehensive resource that enables anyone to plan and pay for an affordable Alaska fishing trip. For more info visit his website at: http://fishaknow.com


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