Project: The Poor Man’s Rod Rack

Mark Bellotte

Time for some re-organization!

The finished product, or an excuse to buy more rods, depending on how you look at it.

Having a day off from work and from fishing, I decided to spend some time cleaning up the garage. We have added another boat to the CooKnCrew fleet, which made it pretty tight to move around. The rods are leaning against the new bedroom doors that have yet to be hung. A trip to Lowes was in order!

Not sure how enthusiastic I was feeling for the day, I started out simple. The fishing rods needed a more secure racking system. I had been looking into a wooden rack with casters for around $80. Being the cheapskate that I am, I knew I could do better. Mike and I picked up (1) 10ft 1”x4”, (1) 10ft 1½” PVC pipe, (26) ¾” and (4) 2”self tapping screws. We were out the door with $11.53 in materials.

The PVC was cut into as many 9” sections as we could get out of it but we didn’t bother counting how many we needed. We ended up with 13 holders. After doing some math, we noticed that we needed to go shopping for more rods but that is another story. Mike was put in charge of drilling holes in the PVC tubes. We needed screw driver access holes on one side and pilot holes for the screws on the other. The holes were spaced out 1” and 3” from one end of the tube.

In the mean time, I started marking and cutting the wood. I cut the plank at 70” and marked it every 10 inches. On the other side, it was marked at 5 inches first and then measured10 inches from that point. This allows 5 inches between rods on alternating sides. We used 8” pieces of board for feet on both ends. They were placed ½” lower to raise the rest of the rack off the ground slightly for added stability.

The holders proved to be more difficult to install than planned. I didn’t account for having to put the screw though a hole that was 3 inches from the end of the rod holder. A little quick thinking and I finally found a reason that I still have those Shimano hemos that I hate so much. Once the holders were screwed in place, it was time to put the rack into action.

I cannot take all of the credit for this project. I got the idea from someone who made one similar and mounted it to the side of his dock. I took the plans and modified them some to improve and better suit my situation. Now if I only had a dock…


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