On The Water

Capt Marc Mouery

There is a peace that comes with being on the water, it’s an unexplainable peace.  Words can not define the solidarity that I obtain while I glide over a substance that is the basic building block of my existence.  My dependency on water goes beyond the basics of sustaining my life.  It reaches past basic need to sheer desire.  It is odd to think that a passion so great in my life has turned into my life’s work.  I never in my wildest dreams would have forecasted that I would have been forwarded the opportunity to be a professional guide.  It all seems to be an endless dream with no awakening in site. 
One of the most beautiful sites to behold is a sunrise on the water.  As the sun awakens and brings a new day, its overwhelming power is magnified across the ocean like a filed of shinning diamonds.  For every minute that the day grows so does the magnificent display of overwhelming awe.  It is as if the sun and the water are dancing to an orchestra that we can not hear.  The intertwining magnificence of the two continues as we all roam unaware of their brilliant tango. 
A distant relative to the ocean is her cousin, the quite stream.  The stream, somewhat identical in appearance in its basic form, is distinctively different than its great ocean relative.  The stream is subdued and quite, never offers an opinion or imposes its will on anyone.  It lives, being content in its’ confinement.
Many forms of water exist on this bountiful planet we live on, and each form posses its own identity.  Since the second day of creatation, water has lived with an intent purpose.  Divided into many locations and serving countless functions has been the life of water.  It has never asked to have more or less of anything.  As we use the powerful resource it is up to us to preserve, love and respect what has been given to us: Life…

Captain Marc Mouery is a fishing guide in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He owns and operates Adventure Fishing Charters

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