The New CAL 5.5” Jerk Tail

Mark “CooKnFish” Bellotte

There have been many jerks around my block. The guy with the loud motorcycle that leaves for work at 4:30am, the lady with the yappy dog that never shuts up, and myself. We are all jerks! But I like to be a jerk in a different way.

I have been using the CAL 4” jerk tail since they were first introduced. Being smaller than other brands, they had both advantages and disadvantages going up against the competition. The smaller bait gave a different appearance for the fish to look at. At the same time it made it less desirable to cast when distance became an issue.

DOA Lures unveils it's new killer plastic: the 5.5" CAL Jerkbait

The new CAL 5.5” jerk tails are bigger, fatter, and heavier. Compared to an Exude, they are slightly longer and beefier. The extra plastic gives it the weight needed for a longer cast but yet does not sink like it would if you add a lead head. Much like any other jerk bait, this tail is easy to give action to. A couple of sharp twitches, pause, and twitch again. The tail darts from side to side and can be used like a suspend bait. Rigged on a 5/0 weedless hook, this bait can be deadly in shallow water and grassy situations. For deeper water use, I like using the Flutter hooks made by H&H Lures.

The new tails are in stores now or online at www.doalures.com, so check them out!

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