Fly Tying: Lefty's Y2K Shrimp
Rich Hauptvogel
Rich provides a simple explanation of this killer shrimp pattern.

Editorial: I'm Not a Fish
Phil Simmons
Author ponders the problem that plagues all fishermen at some point. Try as we might to think like a fish, the fish don't always act like we expect them to. [more]

Fly Tying: The 'Volfly'
Larry Littrell
Based on D.L. Goddard's "The Thing," this tasty redfish fly takes a football theme to the water [more]

Fly Tying: The 'Precious'
Reid Martin
Reid provides a step-by-step instruction for this unique weedless fly. [more]

Fly Tying: The 'Flats Bunny"
Bill Nosan
Bill walks us through the tying for this deadly flats redfish fly. [more]

Product Review: DOA 5.5" CAL Bodies
Mark Bellotte
Stuart, Florida lure maker DOA Lures introduces the "big brother" to its CAL series of soft plastic lures [more]

Destinations: North To Alaska - Do It Yourself Saltwater Adventure
Tim Stenros
A guide to do-it-yourself fishing for salmon, halibut and more in the legendary waters of Alaska. [more]

Destinations: East Cape - Baja Mexico
Phil Simmons
Located on the Sea of Cortez, Baja's Laguna Mountains look down upon some hot nearshore fishing opportunities [more]

A Fish Story
Taylor Fische
Author recounts the tale of tangling with freshwater giant: grass carp [more]

March Madness - Guatemalan Style
Herbert Rosell
Anglers and crew aboard Guatemalan gameboat Release celebrate an incredible day with 57 sailfish releases. [more]

Do Fish See in Color?
Cameron Larsen
Using color to get the most out of your flies and baits [more]

The Pinnacle of Sport Fishing: The Thrill of Bonefishing in Great Exuma, Bahamas
Fred Coolridge
World-class bonefishing awaits the anglers who travel to Great Exuma, Bahamas. [more]

Mote Scientists to Help eBay Identify Species in New Sawfish Ban
Tonya Renee Wiley - Mote Marine Library
Internet auction mecca eBay Bans the sale of sawfish rostrum from their online auctions. [more]

The Chesapeake Bay
Steven Vonbrandt
A detailed look at the largest estuary in the U.S., including an overview of the different areas to fish, species available, and issues impacting the estuary's gamefish. [more]

The Mullet Run
Capt. John Kumiski
The mullet run is a homeless person at an all you can eat buffet table. The mullet run is a twelve year old with a long line of ice cream sundaes. The mullet run is an ice cold drink on a scorching hot day. The mullet run is a beautiful girl in a hot car.[more]

Surf Fishing the Outer Banks of North Carolina
E.A. Edwards
Author E.A. Edwards recounts his experiences fishing the surf waters of North Carolina. [more]

Traveling With Fishing Gear
Phil Simmons
With today's strict regulations on air travel, fishermen need to take a few steps to help ensure their gear arrives safely at their destination. [more]

Light Tackle Ling
Captain Bryan Pahmeier
As the annual spring run of Cobia arrive on Florida's East coast, anglers gear up for exciting nearshore action on spin and even fly! [more]

The Poor Man's Rod Rack
Mark Bellotte
A little work and $11.53 makes a functional, useful storage device for your fishing rods. [more]

Pahmeier, Wright Win in First Ever 'Poling Olympics'
Phil Simmons
Results from Inshore-Fishing.com's first ever poling competition. [more]

Hittin' the Bridges
Captain Bryan Pahmeier
Some days, the flats aren't producing big fish. Never fear! A little bridge fishing may deliver a trophy redfish - if you know how to work it. [more]

Destinations: Orlando, Florida
Steve Chapman
Just out of earshot of the amusement parks and crowds, great saltwater fishing opportunities await the Inshore angler!

Did You Bring a Camera?
Rich McCormick
We all like to have our digital trophies. Here are a few simple tips to taking better pictures of your catch. [more]

Sleepless in Canaveral
Captain Bryan Pahmeier
A detailed account of night fishing for trophy Snook in Port Canaveral, FL., along with some tackle and technique suggestions from an experienced Port Snooker [more]

Does Air Pressure Affect Your Fishing?
Craig Crumbliss
A discussion on air pressure and its effects on fish feeding behavior, with some opposing views on the topic [more]

Tales From the Canoe: When Stingrays Attack
Mark Bellotte
An afternoon wadefishing trip in Tampa Bay ends in a trip to the emergency room, courtesy of Dasyatis americana - The Southern Stingray [more]

Tournament Tactics
Craig Crumbliss
Some pointers for fishing tournaments, particularly in new areas [more]

On The Water
Capt Marc Mouery
Captain Marc waxes poetic about life on the water [more]



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